White Noise Sleep Timer

Easily wind down your mind by listening to White Noise.
Like rushing waterfalls or wind blowing through trees.
White Noise helps you to find a state of peace and calm by masking ambient sounds from the environment.

  • Fall asleep easily
  • Sleep better
  • Best for Power Naps
  • Zone out easily
  • Step up your meditation
  • Helps you focus

The White Noise Sleep Timer is a real white noise generator. Unlike others the noise is not pre-recorded but synthesized in realtime on your device.

  • Low-pass filter slider
  • High-pass filter slider
  • White noise
  • Pink noise
  • Brown noise
  • Grey noise

White noise sounds too harsh?
Easily adjust the low-pass filter to your liking and check out the pink, brown, and grey noise.

Want the white noise to automatically stop?
Set a duration and push play. That’s it!

Create yourself an environment of peace and calm and try the White Noise Sleep Timer right now!