Memory Alarm Clock – Black Edition

Become a morning person!

Oversleeping in the morning?

You need Memory Alarm Clock – Black Edition!

No snooze! No oversleeping!


When the Memory Alarm Clock – Black Edition rings it shows a sequence of colors for you to remember.

To turn off the alarm repeat that sequence of colors.


> Wake up to your favorite music.

> Preset the music volume independently from other Apps.

> Ringtones and vibrations will always wake you up even if the App is not running.

> Multiple alarms

> Set the number of colors to remember

> Set your preferred ringtone


> Your clock on your bedside table.

> Adjust the clock brightness.

> Adjust the screen brightness.

> Switch the screen off by turning the device face down in portrait mode (supported by most devices).

> See when the most current alarm will ring (optional).

> Red dot indicating set alarm (optional).

> See the music title that will wake you up (optional).

> Will not drain your battery (automatically leaving Nightstand Mode if your device is unplugged).


Put an end to oversleeping!

Imagine how much more you could get done and how much healthier your mind and body could be.

Take back control of your morning now! 

Get Memory Alarm Clock – Black Edition!