Lockable Alarm Clock

Loud and unstoppable!

Staying up late too much because you can always just reset your alarm clock to a later time? 

You need Lockable Alarm Clock! 


Set your alarm clock during the day and lock it. You can not cancel or reset it until after it rang in the morning.

Think twice about staying up late… your alarm clock will ring and you can not change that.


> Multiple alarms. 

> Lock your alarm – there is no way to stop it from ringing now once it is set.

> Set your preferred ringtone.


No resetting your alarm clock to a later time late at night any more! 

Wake up earlier and go to bed earlier!

Imagine how much more you could get done and how much healthier your mind and body could be. 

Take back control of your night and your morning now! 

Get Lockable Alarm Clock!