Mathe Alarm Clock

Math Wake-up for Heavy Sleeper

Do you have trouble oversleeping in the morning? Are you tired of losing the battle with your traditional alarm clock? Do you want the perfect way to make sure that you get up on time whenever you want, and wherever you are? Then you need Mathe Alarm Clock!

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  • Wake up with an active mind!
  • Become a Morning Person!
  • Change your life!



This app is amazing!… I definitely recommend getting it!”


Fantastic!! Works like a charm…”


I have become a morning person.”


Unlike conventional alarm clocks and alarm apps, Mathe Alarm Clock forces you to solve multiple-choice math puzzles before shutting off its alarm. You’ll never worry again about unconsciously pressing your alarm clock’s “snooze” button and oversleeping!
Mathe Alarm Clock wakes your brain up. Irritating, but definitely gets you up!


  • Preset the alarm volume and make it impossible to mute
  • Lock the alarms to prevent yourself from cheating
  • Randomize your missions and playlists so your brain won’t get used to it
  • Sharing a room? The “Don’t Wake my Spouse” button will help!


  • Solve multiple-choice math puzzles to stop
  • Multiple alarms
  • Repeating alarms
  • Lockable (no way to cancel the alarm)
  • Ringtones designed to wake you up
  • Impossible to mute (preset volume)
  • Randomizable ringtone playlists
  • Wake up to your music
  • Mix in ringtones to your music
  • Wake up to the alarm talking
  • Optional: Super short snooze


  • Bedside Clock (Highly customizable)
  • Bedtime Reminder
  • Bedtime Enforcerer
  • Morning Routine
  • Battery Saving Mode


  • Dark Mode
  • Dark Theme (optional)
  • Always bright alarms (optional)
  • Color Themes
  • Alternative App Icon colors


  • Fullscreen clock
  • Highly customizable
  • Analog clocks
  • Digital clocks
  • Hourglass clock
  • Landscape and portrait
  • Clock wallpaper
  • Your photos as clock wallpaper
  • Color customizable
  • Complications


Staying in control of your sleep routine is key to waking up feeling rested and healthy. Sleep deprivation can be dangerous to your health and the health of others. You should always focus on getting enough sleep first. That’s why Sleep Crusher also includes Bedtime Reminders and Enforcers.


Morning Routine lets you set tasks to start your day the right way. Imagine what you could already accomplish early in the morning, while others are still asleep.
Exercise, read, write, visualize, meditate, or do anything else that lets you thrive first thing in the morning.
The earliest minutes in the morning should be yours and yours only. Take them!
Mathe Alarm Clock is the right tool to get these extra minutes and to maintain consistency in your morning routine.


Imagine how your life would change for the better if instead of oversleeping and feeling regret and frustration the rest of the day, YOU were in control? Think of how much more you could get done, and even how healthier your body and mind would be! With Mathe Alarm Clock, you won’t just change how you wake up… you’ll change your life!



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This is creative: I love this app so much. I use to snooze my alarm like 5 times every morning and only have 10 minutes to get ready and almost be late. This alarm wakes me up the first time by making me solve math equations and it won’t go off until I solve them all and if I get one wrong I have to do another equation. And if you usually sleep through your alarm then there are quite a few really annoying loud alarm sounds that wake you up immediately. And it also tells you when to go to bed and it’ll keep bugging you until you do. If things can’t already get better you can make a morning routine checklist and it shows you your list of things to do as soon as you turn off your alarm. This app has definitely solved all my problems of getting enough sleep and waking up on time. Whoever’s idea it was to make this app you are so amazing and creative and thanks you for this app. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️”

[US App Store Review by 5 star Taylor Swift]


Amazing Mathe Alarm Clock: I do think it is amazing. It helps me so much to get going in the morning. I am very hard sleeper and usually after solving about 7 math questions , I have snapped out of that mode where I want to hit snooze and plus most times I hit snooze in my sleep and I have been late for work. I live with room mates and I need an alarm that would really wake me up. This particular does not seem to disturb them. I am just so glad this alarm is here for me to use :-)!!!”

[US App Store Review by Rocki3457]


Great Alarm: I always have the tendency to wake up, turn off my alarm, and go back to bed. I was skeptical that this alarm wouldn’t help me stop that problem but it does. I wake up, solve the problems and by the time I’m finished I’m wide awake and alert. This not only helped my tendency to shut my alarm off and go back to bed but it also got rid of feeling tired still when I got up. Overall, this app is a great choice for an alarm clock!”

[US App Store Review by Jaydawg182]


Works Perfectly: I needed this app because relying on (iPhone) Alarm Clock wasn’t working; I don’t know if I slept through it or turned it off while half asleep, but I kept waking up late. This app works TOO WELL: not only will it wake you up, but with the right settings you’ll be mad that you can’t turn it off. For over-sleepers like me who have been frustrated with sleeping through your alarm: THIS APP IS PERFECT.”

[US App Store Review by szimme8856]


Impressed!: I was blown away by how well this alarm worked. I got in to a pattern of sleeping through my alarm and it seemed like no alarm no matter how loud helped, but this alarm is the trick. It’s not only obnoxious but the math questions will slowly progress in to more challenging questions until I found myself awake and even alert trying to complete these questions!”

[US App Store Review by effnurjong]


VERY HELPFUL: This app really helps a deep sleeper like me wake up. I’ve gotten into a bad habit of being able to turn off my alarms without ever really waking up and then falling back asleep without realizing. By the Time I answer the questions, I am awake and ready to get up. Not only that but it has some other cool features. Would recommend.”

[US App Store Review by makaylamary]


This is the best way to wake up: I love this app it helps me to wake up and stay awake this is truly the best alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Not kidding if do not like math than maybe you will get better at math because you have to solve three to stop the timer than you will definitely not go bake to bed. You have to get this alarm clock!!!!!!”

[US App Store Review by granny 228]


My Favorite Alarm: Most of the other fancy alarms that are “gaurenteed” to wake you up don’t help because you can easily silence them by closing out the app. If only apple would make this an app that can’t be deleted by a cranky, sleepy, not morning person😬……..Then again I would just turn off my phone.😳

[US App Store Review by Haley!1996]


Amazing alarm: This app is so amazing for people like me (I’m a deep sleeper) Thank you guys for this app without the app I over sleep and I am almost late every single day. I really love the app now every day I wake up ready to go to school. I am now 10 minutes early every day. Thank you people who created this app you guys and girls are amazing.”

[US App Store Review by doglady981527]


Gets me up!: I may be super confused staring at my screen trying to figure out why I would do this to myself half dazed with sleep…but it gets me up and makes me snap to attention. I wake up at 2:30 am for a early morning shift so I need the extra push to wake my brain up. Peace”

[US App Store Review by Brownrusty]


Really good: I use to hit snooze a lot until I used this app. It is really a game changer. If you don’t have this app it you should absolutely check it out. It will change your life and make you get up when you actually indented to get up.”

[US App Store Review by cvggeb]


Helps me wake up: I use this app everyday to wake me up on time for work. Without it I have such a hard time waking up in the morning. I really like that you can increase the difficulty and number of questions you are asked.”

[US App Store Review by Fungame1234]


Best alarm app I have found: I have tried so many different alarms and this is by far the best I have found. Love how easy it is to use and that I can wake up to my music despite trying to get my brain to wake up to do math problems.”

[US App Store Review by Mark_4183]


Love it!: Has made waking up much easier. Enjoy being able to play any music in the background. You can choose problem difficult and number of problems.”

[US App Store Review by Araul90]


Bloody annoying and works: I love being able to adjust how difficult the problems are. Apparently my sleeping self is pretty good at figuring out these dumb problems and so it’s nice to throw myself off with a particularly nasty math problem.”

[US App Store Review by jacksteger]


Amazing!!: I really love this app because it’s so customizable and effective. I can confidently say I NEVER have problems anymore with waking up! I would definitely recommend it instead of setting multiple alarms!”

[US App Store Review by 3ira#]


Works great: Being the non-morning person I am it was a miracle that it was able to get me up at 6am and feel awake. It gets my brain working earlier so I feel more awake and am awake for the day instead half awake all day like with my regular alarms. Great app”

[US App Store Review by Loserkingdom1345]


I am one heavy sleeper: I’ve tried many things to wake me up in the morning and have failed many times. This is effective and I am upset I did not get it any sooner. One of the most important apps in my phone.”

[US App Store Review by Pink (:]


Saved me.: I’ll wake up an hour late, and be screwed for the entire day. This actually gets me up. I no longer have an alarm for every minute on two devices. Thank you.”

[US App Store Review by Smarrsi04]


Hate that I love it!!: Seriously the most annoyingly genius app ever!!! I am great at math, so I set a high number of hard problems. By the time I am able to answer them and stop the alarm I’m halfway done brushing my teeth lol”

[US App Store Review by Lolalove484]


It actually works perfectly: It actually does work much better than I expected. Same with the motion alarm by the same peeps.”

[US App Store Review by Dhdfsbsa!]


Works!: It works. Recommendation: Don’t set multiple alarms with 10 math problems at the highest difficulty each. Learned that the hard way”

[US App Store Review by DaisytheDoodle]


Very good app: I always get agrivative because my sister wakes me up in the morning aggressively and now I have a alarm clock so it won’t happen again”

[US App Store Review by itsmaddie09]


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