Musik Alarm Clock

Wake up listening to your favorite music!

Choose a song that makes you feel happy, energetic, or relaxed to kick off another great day!


> Wake up to your favorite music.

> Preset the music volume independently from other Apps.

> Ringtones and vibrations will always wake you up even if the App is not running.

> Multiple alarms. 

> Lock your alarm – there is no way to stop it from ringing now once it is set.

> Set your preferred ringtone.


> Your clock on your bedside table.

> Adjust the clock brightness.

> Adjust the screen brightness.

> Switch the screen off by turning the device face down in portrait mode (supported by most devices).

> See when the most current alarm will ring (optional).

> Red dot indicating set alarm (optional).

> See the music title that will wake you up (optional).

> Will not drain your battery (automatically leaving Nightstand Mode if your device is unplugged).


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