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Barcode Alarm Clock

The alarm is ringing until you scan in the barcode of your toothpaste (e.g.).

Can't get out of bed in the morning? This alarm clock forces you out of bed into your bathroom. Become a morning person! No snooze! No oversleeping! No staying in bed!


  • "Best alarm app period."
  • "I hate mornings! I'd happily sleep until nearly noon everyday if life allowed me that pleasure, but because it does not I have found this app to be extremely useful. Haven't overslept once since I started using it."
  • "Seriously... No more setting 6 alarms! Thanks guys!"
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  • Barcode Alarm Clock - iphone1
  • Barcode Alarm Clock - iphone1
  • Barcode Alarm Clock - iphone1
  • Barcode Alarm Clock - iphone1
  • Barcode Alarm Clock - iphone1

> Multiple Alarms.
> Choose different objects with barcodes to shut off each alarm.
> Lock your alarm – there is no way to stop it from ringing now once it is set.
> Set your preferred ringtone.

Put an end to oversleeping and staying in bed!
Imagine how much more you could get done and how much healthier your mind and body could be.

Take back control of your morning now!
Get Barcode Alarm Clock!


  • “Just what I was looking for. Finally a way to get up!”
  • “Gets the job done”
  • “I don’t usually write reviews on great apps but this app is so ingenious, how can I not?Of all the other alarm clock apps out there that claims they’re the most advanced yet, scientifically proven, sleep-engineered etc.. Well, give way to the boss…”
  • “It’s PERFECT”
  • “I’ve tried apps similar to this that use the accelerometer to make you walk, but the never worked very well. This however has so far been flawless for me.”
  • “I really love it!”
  • “I used to always sleep thru my alarms and was late to work. This alarm is the only one I have found that won’t let me. It makes me get out of bed and scan something to turn it off.”
  • “I don’t understand why this app doesn’t have a bajillion stars/reviews. Either nobody knows about it or I’m crazy. This app is amazing! I was soooo skeptical at first but daaaayyuuuummm. Yeah. Everybody should at least try out this freaking app.”
  • “As a therapist for people with ADHD, and someone with ADHD herself, waking up is really difficult. This app has managed to harness the power of getting you out of bed in a practical way. Now you can always go back to bed. But once I’m in the bathroom and having managed to find the right product and scan it’s barcode… It’s just easier to jump in the shower than go back to bed. :)”
  • “This app is awesome, it’s super effective. Highly recommend it !!”
  • “Waking up is the hardest thing I have to do all day. With a normal alarm I hit the snooze button 5 to 10 times, this alarm gets me up the first time it rings. I love it.”
  • “If your like me once your up on your feet and doing something your pretty much up for the day. The ringtones are great too they’re a lot more rousing than a lot of the super peaceful ones that are available in the iphone alarm app and I others from the store.”
  • “excellent idea! gets me up, out of my room, and started on my morning cup o’ joe! …”
  • “I am a very heavy sleeper. Even crying babies don’t wake me! I have been late for work a hand full of times because I didn’t hear my alarm or I meant to press snooze but accidentally shut it off instead. Since I found this app I have never overslept again. I always pick a barcode in the kitchen or bathroom so that I will fully wake myself up by the time I get it turned off. In my opinion, there’s no better alarm app on the market! And some of the alarm sounds are annoying, which really wakes me up!”
  • “I’ve tried other similar apps and this is the best by far. I have no complaints, everything works just fine (:”
  • “You’ll never oversleep if you have this app”
  • “Best alarm app ever”
  • “This app saved me from getting suspended!!”
  • “Ever since I got this, I hated humanity even more. I want to strangle innocent people because it just wont shut up. I yearn for the old days where I could actually snooze the alarm and go back to sleep. But, I cant anymore. I need to get up. And this app does the trick. It just goes and goes and goes until you actually get up and do what it ask. . . . Its a complicated relationship.”
  • “This is one of two alarm that really wakes up and believe me when i tell you i am a really deep sleeper!!”
  • “One of the few alarm clocks that get me out of bed…”
  • “I promise this is not an exaggeration, this app has actually changed my life. Gone are the days of snoozing for an hour leaving only 10 minutes to get ready. Now i set the app to my tea bags, get out of bed, scan the box, make myself a cup of tea, return to the coziness of my bed with said cup of yea and scroll through twitter until I’m awake. Seriously as someone who used to be constantly in a rush and be 5-10 mins late to work on a good day, I can’t believe how something as simple as this works! It’s amazing!”
  • “Reliable”
  • “If you are bad about turning your alarms off unknowingly, get this app! It makes you get out of bed, and walk across the house to make it stop! Love it!”
  • “This alarm works amazingly and it’s simple to set up. You just snap a photo of the barcode you want to scan and set the alarm, and then in the morning you take a picture of the same barcode to silence the alarm. It WILL get you out of bed! …”
  • “These people do not get the props they deserve, these apps are awesome!”
  • “Great alarm especially if you set it up for what your morning routine is so if you do want to snooze you know where to start your morning. I set my first alarm up to scan my toothpaste and my second for my coffee and have not been late once”
  • “This is a must buy app please get you won’t be lying in anymore up at the crack of dawn no more”
  • “This app was just what I needed! Have had trouble getting up when I need to. The snooze button is just so easy to hit. Ever since I got this, waking up has been a breeze.”
  • “Seriously the only thing that will get me up in the morning.”
  • “Woah actually works”
  • “All my life I have been a subconscious snoozer with alarm clocks. Thanks to this app, I have now gone from setting 6 alarms in 5 minute increments (and never getting up until the last one) to waking up and getting ready after one alarm. I love how I can now enjoy my breakfast and coffee before I leave for work! This idea is ingenious!!!”
Available for iPhone.